Parent and Family Engagement Policy

School begins promptly at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:39 PM. Students who arrive after 9:00am will be marked late.

Student Arrival Procedures

All Kindergarten through Second Grade students must line up in the schoolyard by 8:55 AM. Kindergarten – Waterloo St. side of the building, Grades 1-2 front of school.  Teachers will begin escorting students into the building at 9:00 AM.

Students in Grades 3-4 will no longer line up with their class in the back of the building.  All students in Grades 3-4 will enter through the back doors and go directly up to their classrooms.  Their teachers will meet their students at their classroom door.

Breakfast is served to all students upon entering their classrooms. Students arriving to school late may miss the opportunity to have breakfast. Students may not arrive to school before 8:55 AM.  There is no supervision until that time. The school assumes no liability or responsibility for children on school grounds until school officially begins.

On inclement weather days, we will have indoor morning entry. Please note that at 8:55 AM, all students will report to the Cafeteria until their teachers pick them up.

Late Student Arrival

Any student who arrives after 9:00 AM is considered late.  If a student is late, he/she must report to the desk located in the main hallway  or the Main Office to receive a late slip. Late arrivals are recorded on the student’s record. Lateness is disruptive to the instructional day.  Punctuality is expected.

Student Dismissal Procedures

It is imperative that parents/caregivers pick up students on time during regular and early dismissal days. There is no supervision available after school hours.  School District Policy states:  “if a child is not picked up on time and the parent/caregiver cannot be reached, the child shall be placed in the care of the Philadelphia School District Police.”

Students in grades 1-2 are dismissed from the front schoolyard at 3:39 PM. Students in grades 3-4 are dismissed from the back schoolyard.  Kindergarten students are dismissed from their classrooms (Parents/Caregivers use side door to enter building) at 3:39 PM. Please arrive promptly to pick up your child.

Early Dismissal Procedures

Students may not be excused early, except in cases of emergency. If the need for an emergency early dismissal occurs, a parent/guardian must report to the main office, and sign the “Early Dismissal Book” in order to have a child released from school. Identification must be shown before we can release a child from school. Children will only be dismissed from the main office. No teacher may release a student to a parent from the classroom.  In accordance with District Policy, No student will be dismissed after 3:00 PM. Please be informed that students arriving after 10:30 or leaving before 1:00 will only be given credit for half -day attendance. Half- day attendance will accumulate into a full day absence after two occurrences. This may lead to truancy if a student accumulates more than 8 unexcused absences.

Student Attendance and Punctuality

The policy of the School District requires that school-aged students enrolled in the schools of this District to attend school regularly, on time, and for the whole school day in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

The educational program offered by this District is based upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation.

A note signed by a parent/caregiver must be brought to school after each absence, indicating the dates and reasons for the absence.  Absences will be coded “unexcused” if a note is not provided by the parent or caregiver.

When a pupil is absent for three days due to illness, a written doctor’s note documenting the medical necessity for the absence must be brought to school unless the principal has verified the legitimacy of the absence through other means.  When possible, a parent is to notify the school if a pupil is to be absent for several days.

Every effort should be made to make-up work missed as a result of illness or other unexcused absence.
Work missed because of absence can lower academic marks.  Students are responsible for making up work missed as a result of suspension or other disciplinary action.
Unexcused lateness which causes a student to miss all or a substantial part of the day’s instructional time may be coded as an unexcused absence.


Student Uniform Policy

The School District of Philadelphia mandates that school uniforms be worn by all students every day that school is in session. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the administration and /or teaching staff.

Parents will be immediately notified if a student is in violation of the dress code and failure to wear the acceptable school uniform will result in loss of recess and/or other privileges determined by the administration. If a student continues to violate this policy, further disciplinary action will be taken.

Boys and Girls wear solid navy golf or button down shirts with a collar and khaki slacks. 

Girls may also wear a khaki skirt or jumper that is appropriate in length at the knee. 

Students should wear comfortable shoes, such as a loafer or sneaker—NO flip-flops or backless shoes. Hats, head coverings and outerwear are not part of the dress code. If head coverings are to be worn for religious purposes, parents must notify the school in writing.

It is expected that students will come to school clean and well groomed. Hats, coats and jackets must be placed in the closets in the morning.

Not Permitted:

Bare shoulders, sleeveless T-shirts, tank tops, halter or midriff tops, torn clothing, short-shorts and mini skirts are prohibited. Clothing with offensive language, pictures, or symbols are prohibited.


Póliza de Uniformes de la Escuela Primaria Sheppard 2022-23 

El Distrito Escolar de Filadelfia exige que todos los estudiantes usen uniformes escolares todos los días que la escuela está en sesión. Las excepciones a esta póliza deben ser aprobadas por escrito por la administración y/o el personal docente.

Los padres serán notificados inmediatamente si un estudiante está en violación del código de vestimenta y si no usa el uniforme escolar aceptable resultará en la pérdida del recreo y/u otros privilegios determinados por la administración. Si un estudiante continúa violando esta regla, se tomarán más medidas disciplinarias.

Los niños y las niñas visten camisas de golf o de botones con cuello azul marino sólido y pantalones de color caqui.
Las niñas también pueden usar una falda caqui o un suéter que tenga el largo adecuado hasta la rodilla.
Los estudiantes deben usar zapatos cómodos, como mocasines o tenis, NO chancletas o zapatos sin talón. Los sombreros, las cubiertas para la cabeza y la ropa exterior no forman parte del código de vestimenta. Si se van a cubrir la cabeza con fines religiosos, los padres deben notificar a la escuela por escrito.
Se espera que los estudiantes vengan a la escuela limpios y bien arreglados. Los sombreros, abrigos y chaquetas deben colocarse en los armarios por la mañana.

No permitido:

Se prohíben los hombros descubiertos, las camisetas sin mangas, las blusas sin mangas o mostrando el abdomen, la ropa rasgada, los pantalones cortos y las minifaldas. Se prohíbe la ropa con lenguaje, imágenes o símbolos ofensivos.