Welcome to Isaac Sheppard Elementary School!

Our Mission

Sheppard Elementary School will provide a safe and secure environment that motivates and empowers ALL students and parents to achieve high academic goals by providing rigorous instruction. In partnership with our school community and our School Advisory Council, the Sheppard staff will develop lifelong learners who demonstrate integrity and can cooperatively and independently succeed in the 21st Century. Together, as highly qualified educators along with our community partners, we will develop students and families who are prepared to become productive and meaningful members of society.

Our Vision

At Sheppard Elementary School, we believe that all children CAN and WILL learn. To ensure that all children become lifelong learners, we will maintain high expectations, foster 21st century skills and promote academic excellence for all students. We will create a learning community in which all children and adults feel welcomed, respected, trusted, and viewed as valued community members. We will create a mutually supportive learning environment. We will nurture a positive school climate in a caring community which respects and values diversity.